Since.... 2018

about us

Completely student created and student run

CHS Coffee Shop is a completely student run organization that sells coffee, smoothies, and other snacks to CHS students. The purpose of CHS Coffee shop is to raise money for students who cannot afford to take AP tests. The money that is raised by the CHS Coffee Shop is given directly to the school who facilitates it to students who are in need of it for AP testing.

  • How it is run?

    The CHS Coffeeshop is run on a completely volunteer basis. If you want to volunteer at the coffeeshop please contact the investment club officers.

  • How it is funded?

    The funding for the CHS Coffeeshop comes from the coffeeshop's various sponsors as well as money made from the Coffeeshop as well.


History of our Coffee house

The Coffeeshop was created by a group of seniors who asked for funding to create a school coffeeshop. Over the years the Coffeeshop has become more popular and has expanded its menu options.